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Russia: Chizhik opened its first stores and distribution center in Volgograd region

X5 Group announced the launch of the first "hard discounters" under the Chizhik brand in the Volgograd region, as well as the distribution center of the retail chain.

The assortment of stores includes about 750 types of products, more than 400 of them are private labels.

The stores will be supplied by both federal and local suppliers from the Chizhik distribution center in Volgograd. The distribution center with an area of 8800 sq. m will be able to provide up to 150 chain stores in the Volgograd region, in the future shipments to the Saratov region will also be carried out from it.

In 2024, the logistics center is planned to be reconstructed, after which it will be able to provide up to 200 chain stores. More than 250 jobs have already been created in the region, and by the end of the year the network will create more than 630 new jobs for residents of the region. The Volgograd region became the twelfth region for the retail chain. By the end of June, 20 stores will open in the region, and in total, up to 2023 Chizhiks will start operating in the region in 55.

To date, Chizhik has opened more than 700 stores in 12 regions, in 2023 the retail chain plans to open more than a thousand stores.

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