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Russia: Lenta opens a discount-like hypermarket

Lenta, market leader in the hypermarket segment in Russia, re-formatted one of their compact hypers into a so-called Economy store in Ryazan. The area of the store is 4,000 square meters. The assortment includes about 15,000 SKUs and almost 25% of it are private label products.

The store was opened on the site of the company's former hypermarket after a month-long reconstruction. In the sales area, the display areas for promotional goods and fresh products have been enlarged. The retail chain has changed the navigation and logic of the display of goods, introduced price tags in large formats to simplify the customer journey, based on the different needs of the buyer. In addition, the store has increased the range of pastries, cakes and culinary products of Lenta's own production.

The opening of the second Econom store was a consistent step in the implementation of Lenta's development strategy. The company began testing the new hypermarket format in February last year in St. Petersburg. The store in Ryazan has become the second hypermarket of the "Economy" format.

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