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Serbia: Lidl Srbija has put plastic shopping bags out of use

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Serbia (owned by German Schwarz Gruppe) has decided to further contribute to the betterment of the community in which it operates in its daily business. Starting from June 3, it will become the first food retail chain in our country, which will eliminate the use of plastic bags for shopping in the whole of Serbia.

"Until now, this practice was valid only for a few cities, for example, we responded to the Decision of the City of Belgrade, according to which the use of plastic bags with less than 50 microns was banned by completely removing plastic bags for shopping in the city. However, as a company that is aware of its responsibility towards nature and the impact that our business has on it, we have decided to do something more and to spread the good practice to all Lidl stores throughout Serbia. Thus, first of all, we want to encourage consumers to come with their bags or bags in order to maintain sustainability and environmental protection, but also as a contribution to the household budget," said Aleksandra Miric from the Department for Corporate Social Responsibility of Lidl Serbia.

The first such initiative in the field of food trade in our country: Responsible for nature - in order to protect the environment and reduce the volume of single-use plastics.

This decision stemmed from the fact that millions of plastic bags are used in the world every day, and their production requires raw materials that our planet cannot renew quickly. Plastic bags often come to an end in nature, where they take hundreds of years to decompose, while, in the meantime, they break down into smaller parts, the so-called microplastics, which easily reach living organisms through the food chain at the end and our plate. In addition, there are currently five "plastic islands" in the world, the largest of which covers an area of ​​1.6 million square kilometers, which is 18 times larger than the area of ​​the territory of Serbia.

As an alternative to plastic shopping bags, Lidl Serbia offers consumers "green" environmental options such as paper bags, durable bags and reusable bags for fruits and vegetables, which this company was the first to introduce to the domestic market.

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