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Spain: ALDI buys more than 3,000 tons of local fruits and vegetables this autumn

Discount Retail Chain ALDI Spain (German family owned) has bought more than 3,000 tons of fruits and vegetables typical of the autumn season from national suppliers this 2022. Specifically, the products come from areas such as Andalusia, the Region of Murcia, the Valencian Community, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Extremadura .

ALDI Commercial area

By products, fruit that represents the largest purchase volume of Aldi for this autumn, with more than 379 tons, followed by the sweet potato, with more than 226 T, and of the chestnuts and the grenade, with more than 185 t . Among the fruits and vegetables that the company also incorporates in its linear this season are the Brussels sprouts, the artichokes, the chirimoya or the white table grape, as well as mushrooms of the rebozuelo, trumpet and camagroc varieties.

The discount chain stands out for maintaining a strong commitment to the proximity product and, in fact, most of the total assortment of fruits and vegetables is of national origin. In addition, all the products of the autumn and national origin of ADI have the Global G.A.P. certificate, the international recognition for agricultural production that certifies a safe and sustainable production, in order to benefit producers, retail and consumers.

Commitment to proximity products and national suppliers

The supermarket chain maintains its commitment to the proximity product and, for this reason, establishes confidence and long -term relations with its more than 400 suppliers in the country. Specifically, 80% of the company's assortment is a product prepared and cultivated in national territory.

Currently, Aldi has more than 500 fresh products in its lines, and 200 correspond to the fruit and vegetables, categories that represent about 40% of the total of its freshman. In addition, as can be seen from the Aldi 2022 Fresco Observatory, 73% of the monthly purchase baskets of Aldi customers include, at least, a fresh product.

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