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Spain: Aldi's meat, 100% national

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Spain (privately owned) offers 100% of its meat assortment of national origin, which is a sign of its commitment to local produce, guaranteeing that all its meat products come from animals raised in Spain.

In addition, all organic beef and 75% of Aldi's total meat offerings are Welfair certified for animal welfare, which guarantees that good sustainable and respectful practices are followed. The objective of the discount chain is to be able to extend the certification to its entire assortment by the end of next year.

In the same way, the discounter offers in its assortment meat preparations, such as hamburgers and minced meat, with one of the highest percentages of meat on the market, close to 90% and in some cases higher, depending on the product.

All organic beef and 75% of Aldi's total meat offerings have the Welfair certification of animal welfare, which guarantees that they comply with good sustainable and respectful practices

On the other hand, within the framework of its commitment to the environment, the company has also modified the packaging of its products. It is the so-called Flat Skin, an easily removable film that is placed on top of the meat to cover the product and that is normally held in a cardboard tray.

This new packaging, which is already used in about ten references, in premiums and in all Iberian pork articles and a large part of the organic ones, allows the use of plastic in packaging to be reduced by 75% (compared to packaging with PET and modified atmosphere).

The company is already working to implement this new packaging in all products in which its format allows it, the goal for next year is to double the number of articles. In the coming weeks the discounter will also launch a new sustainable cardboard packaging for hamburgers that reduces plastic by 85%.


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