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Spain: DIA's online resurrection

Discount Retail Chain DIA has since the start of the state of alarm, made more than one million deliveries of orders to homes in Spanish homes. The confinement triggered the demand for the online sales service as the safest option to make the purchase, a trend that has continued during the de-escalation process.

The million orders have been made in the store, through the web platform and the DIA online app, in the marketplace that the Plaza de DIA has on Amazon Prime Now and on the Glovo app, with peaks that exceeded 20,000 daily orders.

In addition, in recent months the consumption habits of customers have changed. For the first time, fresh products, which represent 50% of the shopping basket, have outperformed the rest of the items, with juice oranges, potatoes, bananas and eggs being the most popular items.

This way DIA's shows its omnichannel's e-commerce strategy is successful and further expansion in this field is expected.

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