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Spain: DIA plans 500 new franchise stores in the next three years

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Discount Retail Chain Grupo DIA will have 500 new franchises in the next three years, as the company updated its franchise management model with the aim of favoring the profitability of its strategic partners, improving its treasury, as well as facilitating the daily store management".

As the DIA pointed out in a statement, this new model was presented to its strategic partners this Wednesday through a virtual meeting with 900 franchisees, in which the president of Grupo DIA Stephan Ducharme participated; the CEO of DIA in Spain, Ricardo Álvarez, and the Director of Logistics and Franchises of DIA España, Iván Martín.

During the event, Martín pointed out that "the DIA franchise will be the basis for the growth of the company, so we are looking for entrepreneurs who want to be part of this long-term project."

Currently, 700 DIA franchises, out of more than 1,300, operate with the new franchise management model, and it is expected that by the end of the year all franchisees will switch to this new model.

Among the main measures of the new franchise model are aspects such as the new method of payment of the merchandise by the franchisee, by which he pays once he has received the merchandise; the simplification of costs for the franchisee, who pays a percentage of his monthly billing; a sales incentive system whereby DIA rewards franchisees for the increase in turnover, and payment facilities such as interest-free financing of 50% of the store filling stock, while the other 50% is assumed by the company itself.

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