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Spain: DIA will renovate or relocate more than half of its 4,200 stores between 2021 and 2023

Discount Retail Chain #DIA (owned by Russian #L1) plans to renovate about a third of its soft discount stores in #Spain, about 1,400 stores, and will relocate another 1,000 stores within 2022 and 2023.

For this, DIA invests an #CAPEX of between € 60 - € 70 million a year. According to its calculations, the sales will expect to grow in each renovated store by 10-20% the year after completion.

DIA is still working on the redesign of a new commercial #merchandising offer in its stores, a concept that it is already testing in a small number of stores, includes the renewal of its private label and adaptation of the assortment to local tastes and supplies. It plans to implement the redesign in 2021 in all stores.

Soft discounter DIA - also active in Portugal, Brazil and Argentina - has recognized that their sales / m2 is lower than that of its competitors, a key indicator when measuring the #profitability of #retailers.

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