Spain: Lidl sources more than 70% of its own private label Deluxe range local

Updated: Feb 4

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Spain (owned by the German Schwarz Gruppe) reinforces its commitment to the national product this Christmas, since more than 70% of the assortment of its own group-wide private label DELUXE assortment range comes from local Spanish suppliers, which allows bringing 'premium' gastronomy to Spanish tables at affordable prices, in addition to boosting exports of these products to the countries where the supermarket chain is present.

Lidl Spain PR director, Arantxa Conde, pointed out during the presentation that this year the Lidl private label Deluxe range, which has more than 350 SKUs, is a new 'commitment' for national suppliers at Christmas at affordable prices, since its ranges from 0.99 to 18.99 euros (US$1.21 - 23.12) (see here for more on Private Label Brand development).

In addition, Lidl is committed to Spanish products to export them to other countries where the discount chain is present in Europe and US. 'We want to offer the best products and give them the prominence they deserve not only in Spain, but we are committed to take these products to other countries,' he said.

In this way, in the last 10 years, Lidl has exported products from the Spanish Deluxe Christmas range to 30 countries in Europe and in more than 1,000 stores worth 50 million Euros (US$61mio). Thus, a total of 25 million nougat tables have been brought to the rest of the continent, amount other Spanish products in the last decade.

Lidl stands out for being the retail chain with the highest volume of purchases from small suppliers and for having a large number of regional references. In total, Lidl's Spanish purchase volume amounts to more than €4.6Bn euros (US$5.6Bn).

In Spain, the national products presented on the shelves of its stores already account for more than 70% of the total offer, since it works with more than 750 Spanish suppliers for their international supply platform. Thus, 55% of the purchase volume from national suppliers is exported to other European markets in which the company operates.

Internationalization of Spanish products