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Spain: Lidl will invest US$102 million in its warehouse in Escúzar (Granada) to boost growth

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Spain (owned by the German Schwarz Group) has recently started building a new logistics platform in the Granada municipality of Escúzar to continue boosting its growth in southern Spain, according to the company.

This project, based on a plot of more than 132,000 square meters located in the Metropolitan Industrial and Technological Park of Granada, will involve an investment of about 85 million euros (US$ 102 million) and its entry into operation is scheduled for mid-2023. With more than 65,000 square meters of surface, Escúzar will be one of the largest warehouses of the supermarket chain in Spain and will join the two logistics centers that Lidl already has in Andalusia: one in Malaga and another in Dos Hermanas (Seville).

This operation, which responds precisely to the company's need to adapt its logistics resources to the development it has been experiencing in this region, will allow Lidl to continue creating wealth through its "ambitious" expansion plan, its ability to generate quality employment and its firm commitment to the regional product.

The future Escúzar warehouse is part of Lidl's national expansion plan, which in the period 2021-2024 will involve an investment of 1.5 billion euros (US$ 1.8 Bn) to inaugurate some 150 stores and four warehouses throughout the country.

Dynamizer of the Andalusian and Granada economy

With the start-up of the future logistics centre in Escúzar, Lidl plans to consolidate its position as one of the main drivers of the Andalusian economy. The supermarket chain already has a network of more than 120 stores and a workforce of more than 2,900 people in this autonomous community, where its commitment to the agri-food industry is already synonymous with record annual purchases of regional product for more than 1.37 Billion euros (US$ 1.65 Bn) from more than 70 suppliers. Thanks to its activity in Andalusia, Lidl is already responsible for more than 27,400 direct, indirect and induced jobs (0.88% of the total), also contributing more than 1.28 Billion euros (US$ 1.54 Bn) per year to GDP (0.85% of the total).

Lidl stressed that its commitment to the province of Granada has been evidenced especially through its expansion plan. In the last five years, for example, the company has opened the doors of up to six establishments (Guadix, Motril, Almuñécar, Armilla, Albolote and Granada), investing more than 12 million euros (US$ 14.4 million) and creating more than 30 new jobs with only the two most recent Guadix and Motril, during the month of November. In total, Lidl already has 17 points of sale and nearly 400 employees in the province of Granada.


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