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Sweden: Lidl squeezes in this year's first new opening

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Sweden (owned by the German Schwarz Group) has focused on updating existing stores. Today, when 2021 is about to end, it's time for this year's first reopening.

We are incredibly happy to open another store in Sundsvall and contribute to giving Sundsvall residents alternatives to the high-price chains, says regional director Johan Eriksson in a comment. The new store is located in Bydalen. The total area is 2,500 square meters where 1,350 square meters is sales area.

Lidl already has a store on Kolvägen in Sundsvall. "We need to continue to grow and establish ourselves in more places because we want more Swedish households to have access to food of the highest quality at the best price. The fact that Lidl Sweden has grown faster than our competitors in recent years is proof that we have been successful," says Sweden manager Johan Augustsson.

But during the current period, the focus has been on updating existing stores. During the financial year 2021/2022, 77 stores will receive Lidl's new concept. Therefore, today's premiere in Bydalen is the first new opening for this year.

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