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Switzerland: Discounter Denner reduces prices - 200 products cheaper

Discount Retail Chain Denner (owned by Migros) were among the few retailers who were allowed to diligently resell during the lockdown. Apparently, business is now so good that prices can be reduced - without the suppliers having to bleed, Denner says.

For a long time it was quiet on the price front. But now the discounts in the store are falling. Interesting for consumers: These are not promotions, but long-term price reductions.

Denner is making over 200 products cheaper. That corresponds to 10 percent of the entire range of the discounter. From September 1st, both branded and own-brand products will be cheaper on the shelves. Some of them cost up to 40% less than before.

Suppliers do not have to bleed

Discounter Denner is no slouch. The price reductions were not pushed through with the suppliers either. They are made possible by optimized processes and more efficient logistics.

Or maybe because the discounter earned decent earnings during the lockdown? In contrast to hardware stores or other traders, Denner, Coop, Migros and Co. were allowed to leave their supermarkets open. "The food retail trade came through the lockdown comparatively well," Denner says, without going into detail about sales. In any case, one has been in the plus since the beginning of the year.

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