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Sweden: The cheapest lunch bag is at Lidl

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Sweden (owned by the German Schwarz Group) is noticed for the first time in this type of comparison. It makes me both happy and proud. That we have the cheapest lunch bag is one thing, but that in combination with delivering an assortment with the highest quality makes us unique. We live up to our promise of the highest quality at the best price - every day throughout Sweden as we have the same prices and range in all of our stores, says Robert Stekovic, Commercial Director at Lidl Sweden.

Norrbottens-Kuriren compared the regular prices of 86 brands with the same packaging that is available in all stores. The survey did not include goods with temporary promotional prices.

Survey results: Lidl's lunch box SEK 1,820.76 (US$ 199) Willys lunch box SEK 1,831.45 (US$ 200) ICA Maxis lunch box SEK 1,937.10 (US$ 211) Stora Coop Storheden SEK 1,950.55 (US$ 213) ICA Quantity SEK 1,994.15 (US$ 217)

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