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UK: Aldi is testing a refill concept for less plastic packaging

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK (privately owned) is hoping for significantly less plastic waste from a new project. We are currently testing how the concept is received by customers.

The discount giant Aldi is currently working on an experiment that could soon make purchases by customers in Germany a little more sustainable: In Great Britain there is now a market that has refill stations for dry goods Offers groceries. According to the Aldi UK company website, four products are being offered. With this first step, the company wants to test how the refill station is received by consumers.

Aldi experiment: dry food to be refilled soon?

Basmati rice, brown rice, penne and fusilli noodles are available, but unlike in normal unpackaged shops, the food cannot be filled into weighed containers that you have brought with you. Instead, the discounter offers paper bags, which, according to the company, are completely recyclable - the goods are then paid for by weight, similar to numerous unpackaged vegetables. The aim is to use the feedback from local customers to find out about “possible future plans for all aspects of refillable products,” said the head of plastic and packaging at Aldi UK, Richard Gorman, in the company's press release on the test run.

The filling columns are not yet available in German stores, only for bread and rolls it has been possible for some time to use reusable cloth bags instead of paper bags with plastic windows. In the case of the loose foods, we will first wait to see whether the reactions from Aldi UK are positive. What was previously more likely to be found in organic supermarkets, village shops or clearly labeled unpackaged shops in Germany could ultimately also find its way between the rows of shelves in the discounter.

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