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UK: Aldi named as Britain's most favourite supermarket

Shoppers in the UK have rated Aldi as the nation’s most popular supermarket, according to new data from YouGov.

The poll revealed that the German discounter and Britain’s fourth-largest supermarket ranked ahead of its traditional Big Four rivals, as well as M&S and fellow discounter Lidl.

On a basket of 39 everyday items, Aldi was £16.65 – or 25% – cheaper than the most expensive, Waitrose. It comes shortly after Aldi was named as the UK’s cheapest supermarket for the 15th consecutive month by Which?, with a basket full of shopping priced at £65.21.

Communications director at Aldi, Richard Thornton, said: “Low prices never go out of fashion which is why Aldi is – and will continue to be – loved by so many. “Our unbeatable combination of high-quality products at low prices has helped us attract around a million new customers in the past year alone, but we’re not stopping there.

Aldi will invest £1.4bn over the next two years to bring Aldi closer to even more households,”

This week, Aldi announced that it is looking to recruit 3,000 new store workers ahead of the Christmas period, to help replenish stock and provide assistance to customers.

Source: Grocery Gazette

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