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UK: 'Aldi’s just done it'; Nike gets competition

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK (German family owned) recently played with the world famous Nike claim "Just Do it". "Aldi’s just done it" is written in large letters on advertising banners in London. Aldi UK is very aggressively promoting the new “Aldimania” collection, there are hoodies, boxer shorts, socks and shirts. Unfortunately the collection is only available in the UK and was sold out after a few hours as customers were waiting in front of the entrance at eight o'clock in the morning to get hold of the bargains.

Aldi fans like the Aldi collection and love the idea that a discounter advertises the same coolness as a sports brand.

Discount stores are now a cult

Discounter Aldi is known and loved all over the world. For little money you get high quality and somehow the discounter has now achieved cult status. There was already an Aldi collection in Germany last year, which was only available via a competition and was therefore artificially shortened. It worked. Competiting discounter Lidl also brought out a collection at the same time.

Discounters have established themselves in pop culture over the past few years and keep attracting attention through promotions. Be it your own collection, but also grandiose marketing campaigns.

In the following link we find a collection of a few campaigns with which the discounters developed their brands:


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