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Real Estate

"It's all about location, ... location, ... and configuration."

Retail is a particularly dynamic and multifaceted business sector. Every type of retail requires a strategy that is tailored specifically the user’s target group, regardless of whether it’s for inner-city retail, retail warehouses, shopping centers or stand-alone locations. 

Based on our vision on how discount locations should look, DRC can configure the specific requirements for discount locations to create long-term economic efficiency. We can also develop a concept for the optimal position of your discount stores in the location selected and in the

developing process with a coordinated real estate and marketing strategy, determined on a case-by-case basis.

Even though many locations stand out for their long-term consistency, all locations are subject to constant evaluation, evolution and re-evaluation. Changes could be triggered by anything from a change of tenant, competition, property development, urban development initiatives and by changing consumer patterns and demographics.

Location is critical in retail property. Discounter locations need to be easily accessible (good parking and/or access to public transport options) with a strong customer flow and it need to suit the demographics of the area. If any of these things change, a company can quickly lose position. In large shopping centers, a good ‘anchor tenant’ is critical as it will draw the footfall. This makes retail and especially discount an interested tenant for investors and city planners to generate good and reliable yields for the needed investments with relatively long net leases and low maintenance levels for investors.

We can help with defining strategies, selecting, planning and executing new and best available locations with the right configuration to develop aggressive growth plans. 

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