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"Good copying is better when poorly conceived"

Our discount retail store-checks will help you understand discount retail formats, their assortments (structure), pricing, innovations, supply chain, locations, ROIs and what they mean for customers and markets.


Discounter Store-Check concept

In an increasingly global growing discount retail market, staying on top of new discount concepts is key to understanding potential impacts for your market approach, planned retail investments, existing and new to develop retail business concepts or channels. Same to processes, the organization, and branded and private label branded food and non-food products. This knowledge is key for investors, discounters, retailers and FMCG manufacturers.


Bringing you further

Our international coverage and hands-on, practical discount knowledge means we’re uniquely placed to offer you a tailor-made discount store-check service. We take you to the fastest-growing and leading food and non-food discount retail markets  and chains positioned in: Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Australia, Thailand and Japan.

A few examples of recent discount store-check priorities were: discount retail formats; discount retail innovations; discount retail evolution; the future of discount retail, discounters’ private label branded assortment, discount store location criteria, discounter operational / financial performances.


Tailor-made Discounter Store-Check tour

To make a discount store-check tour effective we rely on the following structure:

  1. map your needs and define priorities, we will select the right location, stores and concepts for you;

  2. briefing,  bringing the local macro- /micro economic retail context to life, allowing you to sharpen your focus on the upcoming visits;

  3. DRC (local) market experts will lead the visits, sharing our market and discounter's insider knowledge. Where relevant, we’ll introduce you to teams on-site and off-site to facilitate discussion;

  4. de-brief sessions to maximise discounter visit learnings and safeguard the pre-defined priorities.

DRC is able to provide an effective Discounter Store-Checks.

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