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Denmark: Aldi launches new advertising universe in search of more revenue

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Denmark (German family owned) continues to struggle with prejudice and a worn-out image at home. A new advertising universe must change consumers' perception of the discount chain

For just the second time in Aldi's 44 years in Denmark, the chain today launches a completely new advertising universe with accompanying branding film under the slogan: "Come home with more".

The new universe will help to increase the shopping frequency and basket size and provide the customer base for Aldi's ongoing expansion from 185 to 250 stores in search of a larger market share in Denmark, which is approx. 3 per cent, according to Retail lnstitute Scandinavia.

Karina Marott, Marketing and Communications Director for Aldi Denmark, is looking forward to launching the universe, which has been developed by the advertising agency & Co. based on a major strategic positioning work prepared by Noa Consulting.

It is no secret that after 44 years, Aldi is still experienced as a bit foreign, and for many, Aldi is not on the light board at all when it comes to shopping. Therefore, they do not come in and experience the change in "the new Aldi". We need to capture consumers outside and invite them in by creating an emotional response that corresponds to the functional characteristics that Aldi stands for; that you can find everything for everyday life and save both time and money, because we have made it easy to choose, says Karina Marott in a press release.

She joined Aldi at the end of 2019 and has since worked on the challenging task of transforming Aldi's brand side by side with Aldi's store network also undergoing extensive revitalization.

Aldi's new universe is based on a radical adaptation of Aldi's range, which gives consumers many Danish and fresh products as well as a sharply cut selection of well-known brands and private label products.

At the same time, the discount chain focuses on making it easy to act with consideration for the environment, animal welfare and climate.

With the new universe, we want to show that we understand the Danes' everyday life, and with a twinkle in the eye and well-known hits get the parades down with Mr. and Mrs. Denmark. We have worked very purposefully and have developed and tested for a long time. The universe is humorous, musical and based on strong everyday insights that consumers can nod in recognition of, says Karina Marott.

Strong agency partners

Based on Noa Consulting's positioning work, the task at the advertising agency & Co. been creating a creative platform that can transport Aldi on from still being something alien to being known and loved.

Christian Grosen, Client Director and Partner at & Co., says: 'There must be really targeted work here, because what other retailers have spent 15 years on, Aldi must reach less than a handful. Insight and understanding are important. But the trick is to get people to listen. People listen when they can recognize themselves, feel that Aldi knows the language and is part of the herd. The parades are lowered, and then the Danes begin to be able to listen to Aldi being good quality at low prices. For them to come home with more, which is Aldi's new payoff.'

Aldi has chosen Dentsu X as the agency partner to define the media strategy across all platforms.

In addition, the chain has chosen the communications agency Essencius to assist with PR, CSR communication and internal communication in close collaboration with Aldi's own communication team.

Aldi is undergoing a remarkable transformation, digitally, organizationally and communicatively. Aldi invented discount, and the Danes love discount, but not Aldi, yet. Our task is to give consumers and employees more to take home than they expect when they experience or read about Aldi, and when they come to work at Aldi, says Christina Schärfe Lambach, Managing Partner at Essencius.

Aldi's first commercial has a Danish rewrite of Tom Jones' huge hit "Sex Bomb" as its focal point.


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