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UK: Aldi launches Aldimania collection

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK is launching its own line of merchandise called Aldimania. The loungewear collection includes hoodies, pajama sets, underpants and socks, as Aldi UK announced on Thursday.

For the Aldimania collection, Aldi was inspired by other brands and really got the hang of it. The supermarket presented the campaign on a large billboard in Leicester Square, London. Image: Aldi UKThe words “Aldi's just done it” can be read on the poster, which is based on the “Just do it.” Slogan of the US sporting goods company Nike. In addition, Aldi UK has started its own Tiktok account. The three videos that the account has published so far currently have between 9,420 and 310,000 views. Aldi has been offering its customers branded clothing for a long time, from summer to winter clothing, but now the company is venturing into the field of own-label loungewear for the first time, according to the announcement. The collection is online available and in Aldi stores in Great Britain. Socks cost 1.49 pounds sterling (1.72 euros) and pajamas cost 12.99 pounds sterling (14.96 euros) in the online shop.

Aldi Süd in Germany is not planning a comparable collection, as a spokeswoman confirmed at FashionUnited's request. Aldi Nord, on the other hand, already presented its own collection in September, which followed Lidl's Logomania collection.


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