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Australia: ALDI's laundry detergents dishwashing liquid the best after CHOICE testing

Over 60 laundry detergents were analysed and Omo and ALDI came out on top. ALDI and Omo came out on top in the CHOICE testing. (CHOICE)"This year our testing has revealed that Omo Laundry Detergent Triple Capsules are the most effective laundry detergent for front loaders, with an overall score of 85%," said CHOICE expert Ashley Iredale. "When it comes to top loaders, Aldi's private label brand Trimat Advanced Concentrate Laundry Powder came in first, scoring 66%." While those two were winners, the CHOICE testing found there is a difference in how top loader and front loader machines work. "We test all laundry detergents in both top and front loader machines, as the two machines perform quite differently. Front loading machines generally wash clothes better, which is why we see higher scores for the detergents in the front loaders," said Iredale.

Best and worst performing detergent for front load washing machines

The best: Omo Laundry Detergent Triple Capsules CHOICE Expert Rating: 85% Price per wash: AU$0.73

The worst: Woolworths Essentials Laundry Powder CHOICE Expert Rating: 53% Price per wash: AU$0.07

Best and worst performing detergent for top load washing machines

The best: Aldi Trimat Advanced Concentrate Laundry Powder CHOICE Expert Rating: 66% Price per wash: AU$0.16

The worst: Tru Earth Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent Fresh Linen CHOICE Expert Rating: 43% Price per wash: AU$0.62

Further once again ALDI has taken a top spot with its private label brand Tandil Ultra Power Soak n' Clean Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid, alongside Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate Lemon, which both scored an impressive 90% in CHOICE's lab testing. "We soak the stained plates in a solution of test detergent for 10 minutes. The plates are placed into a scrubbing device, and scrubbed a set number of times with a wet sponge. We use a special device called a spectrophotometer to measure how clean the plate is before and after testing."

As for the two winners, there's a big price difference in the products. Both rated well in the testing, but when it comes to price,

ALDI is the clear winner on value at just AU$35 cents per 100ml compared to Morning Fresh, which is AU$93 cents per 100ml.

The ALDI Tandil dishwashing liquid features biodegradable surfactants and is safe for greywater and septic tanks, unlike Morning Fresh. There are four dishwashing liquids that perform no better than water. At the other end of the scale, CHOICE's testing found four dishwashing liquids that performed no better than water, receiving a score of just 45%.

The dishwashing liquids that scored poorly are:

- Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Liquid

- Palmolive Original

- Uniquely Natural Dishwashing Liquid

- Woolworths Essential Dishwashing Liquid

Another thing to be wary of is that while one brand may deliver great results, similar products in the range may not be as effective. "Our tests uncovered some wild variation, so never assume that if one product cleans well, similar ones will deliver the same results," Iredale warned. "It's worth keeping in mind when you're shopping, otherwise you could grab an inferior product accidentally."


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