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Austria: Lidl invests in e-fleet

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Lidl (owned by the German Schwarz Group) e-filling network continues to grow: by 2025, every second branch with a parking lot will get its own charging station. "So that we can reach our climate goals, rapid and effective measures are also necessary for traffic. The expansion of electromobility is an important step and a valuable contribution to environmental protection. We assume that the e-mobility also proves itself in our company And we can rely on it in the future, ”said Alessandro Wolf, chairman of the management at Lidl Austria.

The new electric vehicles have a range of up to 500 kilometers. The company's own shop network is only supplied with green electricity from Austria-part of it comes from in-house photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the Lidl branches and logistics centers. Last Saturday the new VW-E vehicles were handed over to Porsche Austria in the Mooncity Salzburg.

Thomas Herndl, trademark manager at Volkswagen Pkkar added: "We are very pleased at Volkswagen that Lidl Austria is now using our new fully electric id. Models as a company car for its employees. As an automotive partner, we see the use of air conditioning and sustainable vehicles as the right step In the future. That is why we also support the new Volkswagen ID. Drivers from Lidl with a detailed handover of the vehicle and already wish many safe kilometers and even more driving fun on the way together to climate-neutral mobility. ”

Alternatively driven truck in the test

As part of the Lidl climate offensive, the domestic food dealer also tests alternatively powered trucks for branch delivery in the Vienna area. The tests are the start of a long -term fleet change that Lidl Austria has made. The declared goal: By 2030, the branches are to be supplied with 100% alternatively powered vehicles. Lidl Austria's e-petrol net network is also growing: almost 60 stores are already equipped with charging stations. This year alone, Lidl Austria is investing almost one million euros (US$1.01 million) in the charging infrastructure. By 2025, at least every second store with a parking lot will receive an e-petrol station.

Lidl Austria defined ambitious goals far beyond e-mobility in terms of climate protection in order to make a contribution to limiting the ear heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius. In 2021, its own climate strategy was published in cooperation with the WWF Climate Group. The action plan is complex and includes all corporate areas: from the targeted use of photovoltaic systems for branches and logistics centers to responsible use of plastic packaging and climate-damaging food waste. In the past financial year alone, over 60 new photovoltaic areas were created. By 2023, every branch in which it is possible will receive a sustainable photovoltaic system. Lidl Austria is already operating over 30,000 m² PV areas.


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