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Belgium: Aldi chocolate European Private Labe category winner

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Belgium (German family owned) promotes the sustainable culture of cocoa and wants to improve the living and working conditions of farmers and their families.

Are you the demanding type in terms of food ethics?

So you're going to be filled! Because Aldi decided to go to fair cocoa for many chocolate products, our cereals for breakfast and our hazelnut spread.


Because cocoa producers get an honest price for their products and agricultural communities affect an additional Fairtrade premium. In this way, small producers can invest in their own future and take care of the environment at the same time.

Choco Chocoire Change

With its three flavors, hazelnut milk, salty and black caramel and 70 %, this chocolate is not only delicious but also very durable.

Sustainable chocolate with a positive effect

Aldi Belgium is the first discounter to join the Tony’s Open Chain. Together, we can increase our positive influence and change the standard in the cocoa industry by working to end poverty, illegal work of children and deforestation in West Africa.

The shape of the triangular pieces represent cocoa plantations seen from above and the different heights of the pieces reflect reality, i.e. that in the cocoa value chain, risks and rewards are not equally distributed.

Fairtrade certified chocolate

Chocolate ingredients are Fairtrade certified and purchased from Fairtrade producers. Concretely, this means that not only cocoa but also all the ingredients of the choco chocour change (including sugar and vanilla for certain varieties) are certified Fairtrade and bought from Fairtrade producers. If farmers sell a larger part of their cocoa, their sugar and their vanilla under Fairtrade conditions, they can obtain more equitable conditions of sale, encourage social change and contribute to environmental protection. Going beyond certification with Tony's Open Chain, we collaborate to become sustainable leaders with the Choco Change.

Chocolate according to the 5 sourcing principles of the Open Chain platform of Tony's Chocolonely. Tony’s Open Chain gets cocoa beans from Choco Chocoire Change in a responsible manner. By joining Tony’s Open Chain, we undertake to follow the 5 sourcing principles of Tony’s:

1. Cocoa beans of 100 % traceable original

2. A higher price for cocoa

3. provide support to cooperatives to strengthen cocoa

4. Long -term cooperation

5. Improve productivity and quality


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