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Belgium: Aldi launches new slogan

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Belgium (German family owned) starts the new year with a new slogan: 'Aldi, always smart'. The new baseline encompasses the messages that the discounter has delivered in the past and emphasizes easy shopping. “This repositioning allows us to distinguish ourselves more from the competition.”

After his latest store concept that Aldi proposed at the end of last year in the Herenthout storeand Jodoigne, the discounter again comes with an innovation: a new slogan. It is no longer 'High quality, low price', but 'Aldi, always smart'. “With our new baseline, we want to make it clear that it is always smart to shop at Aldi,” emphasizes Isabel Henderick, managing director of marketing & communication at Aldi. “When the consumer thinks about smart shopping, a range of qualities comes to mind that Aldi offers an answer to, such as low prices, confidence in quality, strong promotions, quick shopping and simplicity.” That simplicity is not only reflected in his entire logistics chain, but also in shopping. For example, think of the wide but not in-depth range to avoid stress of choice or the small interventions that Aldi made in its renovated store in Herenthout to make shopping even easier. “The simplicity we bring and the benefits we derive from this translate into low prices for the customer,” continues Henderick. “We always focus on efficiency that benefits the customer. It is therefore important to explain why we make which choices. This way, consumers find out about the benefits they get by shopping with us and we convince them that it is smart shopping.” The slogan may change, but the principle of high quality and low prices still applies. “The big advantage of our new slogan 'Aldi, always smart' is that it functions as a peg on which we can hang all our messages and innovations from the past. Moreover, this repositioning also sets us apart from the competition.”

In addition to the new slogan, Aldi's visual identity is also getting a makeover, thanks to the help of partner Serviceplan. "Through the typical Aldi colors and blue and white bars, Aldi makes its brand recognizable and uniform. The new style exudes simplicity and will be used in all channels: from the well-known and award-winning folder over online bannering and social media channels to commercials on radio and TV, starting this week, all communications will be in line with the new brand identity," concludes Isabel Henderick.

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