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Croatia: Eurospin opens first store

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Italian Discount Retail Chain Eurospin opens its first store in Zadar (Croatia) in August.

Customers who are familiar with Eurospin stores in Italy and Slovenia, enthusiastically welcomed the news of the arrival of a new Croatian chain of Italian roots. Under the motto Smart Shopping, the doors of the first Croatian Eurospin store will open in Zadar, on August 13th! With more than 2,500 products of its own Private Label brands, Eurospin offers a complete range of food and non-food products from verified quality meaty product in department butchers, delicious delicatessen, bakery products bakery, fruits and vegetables, to clothing, home appliances and other items for everyday use . In Eurospin stores you will find exclusively Eurospin brands and products designed according to the requirements of each ndividual imarket. In this way, Croatian customers will be provided with a unique and most favorable range, in accordance with the values ​​of Smart Shopping. Eurospin regularly updates its diverse offer, giving space to domestic products to meet the needs of the market in which it is present. It will be the same in Croatia, where Eurospin has been working closely with local family farms for some time in order to provide Croatian customers with the freshest food every day.

Quality and Smart In response to consumers' need for savings, Eurospin was founded in Italy in 1993, today it is one of the leading discount retail store in this part of Europe. Eurospin offered quality products in accordance with the tastes and traditions of individual markets and devised the concept of Smart Shopping: unique brands at always affordable prices . Over the years, Eurospin has spread throughout Italy and neighboring Slovenia with more than a thousand points of sale. Eurospin's network not only covers the most densely populated areas, but also strives to bring its offer to small communities. After almost three decades, Eurospin is still committed to keeping its prices low and its products high quality. Realising a revenue of US$7 Billion in 2019.

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