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Croatia: Eurospin plans to open hundred stores

Italian Discount Retail Chain Eurospin, also active in Slovenia, plans to open several stores in the short term in Zadar, Požega, Samobor, Velika Gorica and Zagreb.

Eurospin's Croatian market approach is to meet the specific needs of Croatian consumers. Based on the hard discount model with existing private label brands, ensuring low prices and eliminating unnecessary costs, guaranteeing customers extremely large savings compared to classic supermarkets. The product range is developed in partnership with Croatian suppliers, and the fresh food category is inspired by local customs and habits with high quality requirements.

In the next 8 years, #Eurospin plans to open about a hundred stores in all regions of Croatia. At the moment the team consists of 42 employees, and in the next few months it will employ more than 100. In the long run, with the expansion Eurospin will employ about 2,000 people. Each of employees is an ambassador. As Eurospin is aware that the commitment and professionalism of these ambassadors is a fundamental value ​​and condition for achieving the defined targets, developing skills and competencies of each of them.

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