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Denmark: Aldi is feeling consumers' focus on price

Consumers' behavior is changing because of the inflation, and they can feel that at the discount chain Aldi.

Many Danes change shopping habits because of the higher prices. It shows a study conducted by Aldi Denmark several times a year in collaboration with YouGov.

Nearly eight out of ten respond that they are more aware of prices, while 62 percent say they have changed shopping habits. When the same survey was conducted in February, it applied to 67 percent and 44 percent respectively.

'Even six months ago, Danes were worried about the economic situation and rising consumer prices. The difference from then to now is that now the behavior change is clearly following', says Kristian Jørgensen, data and consumer expert in Aldi Denmark.

The changes can be clearly felt in the Aldi stores.

'We can see it in the stores where our customers are targeted by offer items and for example the "happiness bags" that we offer in collaboration with Too Good To Go. We meet new customers in the stores who have caught the eye of Aldi most likely because they are more oriented by price. We can also see that more Danes are actively looking at the price when they shop. More Danes are making a pricing choice, a development that is confirmed by the fact that more and more people are choosing the discount stores over the supermarket', says Kristian Jørgensen.


Development in Danes' quality of life, consumer and shopping habits over the past six months:

  • 79 percent of Danes respond that they are partly or completely agree that they are more aware of prices when they buy in. In February it was 67 percent.

  • 68 percent look more at price when shopping, compared to 54 percent in February 2022.

  • 62 percent of Danes say that they have changed shopping habits to some, high or higher degree. In February it was 44 percent.

  • 61 percent of Danes say that their way of life and/or future plans in anyone, high or very high have been affected by rising consumer prices. Six months ago it was 48 percent.

  • 57 percent of Danes say they look more often in offer newspapers and offer apps. In February it was 47 percent.

  • 49 percent of Danes feel that they stress them that they have less money for unforeseen expenses. In February it was 40 percent.

  • 37 percent of Danes say rising consumer prices go beyond their quality of life. In February it was 32 percent.

  • 30 percent of Danes say they have cut down on pleasures (restaurant visits, cinema trips, etc.) against 27 percent in February.

  • 20 percent of Danes say they have cut down on the holiday budget against 16 percent in February.

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