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Denmark: Lidl donates surplus food to needy families and the socially disadvantaged at Christmas

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

At Christmas, vulnerable families and the socially disadvantaged can benefit from surplus food from Lidl. On 23 December, volunteers will be able to pick up surplus food from Lidl, which is distributed through the Blue Cross' family network, drop-in centers and support services for children and young people.

The German discount chain Lidl and the social aid organization Blue Cross have been working together since 2017 to reduce food waste in favor of giving an extra helping hand to families and the socially disadvantaged who do not have much to do well at Christmas. "We see it as our social responsibility to give a helping hand in the form of free food and groceries to some of the needy families and the socially disadvantaged at Christmas. Blue Cross and their many volunteers make a fantastic effort based on charity", says Jens Stratmann, CEO of Lidl.

Christian Bjerre, who is general secretary of Blue Cross Denmark, says that surplus food at Christmas is a happy initiative that benefits many families and the socially disadvantaged. These are people who are under pressure on the economy and have difficulty managing. how to get through Christmas and the Christmas days. We greatly appreciate the collaboration with Lidl, which helps to create Christmas joy for both young and old. In addition to donating surplus food to the Blue Cross, the employees of Lidl also donate Christmas presents to the children in the Child's Blue House, which is the Blue Cross Denmark's support centers for children from homes with alcohol and drug abuse.

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