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Denmark: LIDL opens new headquarters

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Denmark, owned by the German Schwarz Group, has combined its management office with a Lidl store to bring the Lidl team even closer together. The new headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, has been officially open since November 6, 2023 and the new Lidl store on the first floor of the headquarters is now the flagship store in Denmark. This is where new products and interior design concepts are tested for the whole country.

On the evening before the opening, local residents were invited to celebrate with employees and live music. By doing this, we are continuously striving to strengthen the relationship between our administrative offices and our stores as well as with our customers.

The central location of the new headquarters provides an ideal workspace for over 350 employees in Denmark that allows for even better communication with one another. A restaurant, gym, and roof terrace with a view over the city are perfect for getting together and networking even after work. In the warmer months, there are even morning yoga classes on the roof terrace.

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