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Denmark: Lidl's discount expansion plans

Discount Retail Chain Lidl (owned by German Schwarz Group) is chasing 70 new stores in Denmark, despite the fierce competition with competitors, which will also grow with more stores - as well as an online store that is in full swing.

The German discount chain Lidl with 130 Danish stores will continue to expand around Denmark.

Although the online grocery trade is booming, the German discount chain Lidl has big plans in Denmark. The current 130 stores around the country should grow to over 200 within a few years.

“We do not put years on when we should have the 200. But the goal is clear throughout the organization. So we're after that. Despite the current competition and development, in our opinion, the Danish market can at least accommodate that number, «says property and development director Mads T. Nielsen, Lidl Denmark.

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