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Denmark: New discount chain Basalt opens ten stores

Discount Retail Chain Basalt (owned by the Danish Salling Group) opened its first 10 stores, which has low energy costs and promises cheaper groceries.

Salling Group opened last Tuesday morning the first of a total of ten stores in the Group's new discount chain Basalt.

It is the store on Amager Landevej in Kastrup that has opened the doors. On Wednesday, store number two and three will follow in Viby at Aarhus and the Trial Testament Center in Helsingør respectively. The stores are characterized by the fact that only the most basic groceries are on the shelves.

Minimizes energy costs

That is, items such as pasta, oatmeal, toilet paper, diapers, toothpaste, flour and bread and a selection of fruits and vegetables. The milk is of the long-lasting kind that does not require cooling.

It minimizes the cost of energy, which according to Salling Group CEO Per Bank means lower prices for consumers.

'We have made every effort to create a concept that can help the Danes make everyday life better together at a time when the private economy is under pressure. With the lowest prices on the most basic groceries, we have at least made our bid for a concrete weapon against inflation', says Per Bank in a press release.

Record high inflation

The prices of groceries, like much else, have risen dramatically. Consumer prices, also known as inflation, were 10 percent higher than a year before.

This is the highest annual increase in consumer prices since 1982 according to Statistics Denmark. As inflation increases, consumers get less for the same money.

Per Bank has previously stated to the newspaper Denmark that the Basalt chain will be established on a trial basis. According to the director, how many stores are established depends on how well the concept is received. You are also ready to turn the key again, if it turns out not to be a success, he has said.

The same tones sound on Tuesday morning from the top manager after the opening of the store in Kastrup. 'Customers decide how many stores and how far the concept goes. Important to have the courage to dare to try something new regardless of success or not', Per Bank writes on Twitter.

Salling Group already operates the discount chains Netto, Bilka and Føtex.

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