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Denmark: Rema 1000 wins price test ahead of 365 discount

Discount Retail Chain Rema 1000 beats Netto with almost 10 per cent cheaper basket on 21 items, which Avisen Danmark has checked and bought for a meal plan with three meals consisting of pizza, lasagna and a wok dish with chicken.

Overall, the basket costs DKK 287.34 in Rema 1000 compared to DKK 317.20 in Netto. In second place comes 365 discount with a basket of DKK 300.64, while Føtex sneaks in ahead of Netto with a basket of DKK 303.80.

Thus, Salling Group's department store chain has for a while and in this price snapshot taken the lead from the discount chain in Denmark's largest grocery group.

Few items determine the price test

If you read the price check closely, despite marked differences in the price of the basket, there are many items that match each other in price. Only a few items fluctuate greatly in price between the chains.

For example, basil costs DKK 9 in Rema 1000, while the price in Netto is DKK 15. Also, the pricing of roasted cashews also helps Rema 1000 achieve the test's cheapest basket, as it is DKK 10.99 against DKK 20 in Netto.

Apart from the cheapest and most expensive chain, the price is close to DKK 100 per meal.

Avisen Danmark had an ambition to buy 23 typical groceries in eight different store chains on 10 November 2023. The goal was to buy as cheaply as possible for the meal plan. However, two items had to be discontinued from the test as they were not in assortment in all chains.

At the same time, there could be different quantities depending on the stores' assortment, what bons out at Rema 1000.

Purchasing and Marketing Director Anders René Jensen, Rema 1000, explains to the media that the Norwegian-owned discount chain with franchise merchants does not try to sell more than customers need so that they can better avoid food waste.


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