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Europe: Aldi changes to Düsseldorf plastic pallets

Discount Retail Chains #Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are introducing a Düsseldorfer #plastic range in #Europe. From autumn 2020, both discounters will gradually replace the classic wooden #pallet in the size 80 by 60 centimeters with a more durable and at the same time more economical plastic version. The plastic Düsseldorfer pallet is completely recyclable and already consists of around a third of recycled plastic. The pallet is produced by Walther Faltsysteme.

The Düsseldorfer pallet size was especially designed for and used by discounters only, as a #lean and efficient logistical and merchandising tool for high volume SKU's, as an alternative for the Euro pallet.

Unlike the wooden pallets, there is no exchange system with the Plastic Düsseldorfer Pallet. Instead, it is made available to suppliers via a #pooling system operated by #Polymer Logistics. After each turn, empty pallets are checked for damage and cleaned by the service provider. As a result, the pallets will meet higher #hygiene standards and reduce suppliers production #costs. Another advantage: Integrated #RFID chips and barcode labels enable each pallet to be recorded precisely on location, improves #efficiency and #stock keeping. “The pooling service provider can also track at any time how many pallets are in the depots, at the supplier and at Aldi. This also means less pallet #shrinkage.

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