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France: Aldi has opened its largest Parisian store

Discount Retail Chain Aldi France (German family owned) inaugurates its largest Parisian store and opens a new point of sale in the 13th arrondissement.

With more than 1,300 stores across the country, Aldi is continuing its development in France through the extension, transfer or creation of around a hundred stores in 2022. The brand is supplementing its store network with the opening of 142 rue Saint-Maur (Paris 11), which will be its largest Parisian point of sale and a second located at 63 rue de Choisy (Paris 13). With these openings, in addition to the purchase of Leader Price stores from Groupe Casino at the end of 2020, the brand now has 19 stores in inner Paris.

The store on rue Saint-Maur will cover 1,330m² of sales area and will implement the latest innovative ALDI concept deployed nationally for a sustainable environmental approach. This project meets internal environmental specifications that are more demanding than the legal framework, in particular with 100% LED interior lighting and refrigerated cabinets powered by a water loop. In the 13th arrondissement, Aldi France will inaugurate a sales area of ​​939 m² also around a sustainable environmental approach.

1,600 items

Parisians will be able to discover all of the 1,600 references in the Aldi offer: 78% products of French origin, fresh fruit and vegetables delivered daily, 100% pork, poultry or beef of French origin, bread and pastries baked on site, dozens of organic references or the local Pays Gourmand range. Aldi rue Saint-Maur will also offer the entire range of non-food products with, every week, new deals and good surprises to discover, always with a 3-year guarantee. From the opening, Parisians will be able, for example, to have access to a paint gun at €29.99 (US$33), a night light for children at €24.99 (US$27.5), a set of 3 small saucepans at €29.99 (US$33) or even to a rotating styling brush at €19.99 (US$22). Something to delight these "new consumers" who will be able to take advantage of an offer made up of 90% of own-brand products, thus guaranteeing control of the products on the shelves through responsible specifications, always favoring the origin and the quality of the products.


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