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France: Aldi's focus on premium Christmas product prices

Discount Retail Chain Aldi France (privately owned) is releasing three new commercials. Each time, consumers test three same products with different prices and comment on the differences in quality ... before realizing that it is actually the same product in all three tests.

Aldi's First Amazing TV Commercial

The more expensive, the better! It is to tackle this misconception that Aldi is releasing a commercial featuring three products: foie gras, surprise bread and smoked salmon. Each time, consumers blindly test three same products of which they only know the price. Very often they end up touting the most expensive product ... before a voiceover tells them that it is, in fact, the same reference tasted three times.

TV and web

Imagined by its agencies Ogilvy Paris, HighCo and Neo, the campaign called "The real surprise of Christmas", therefore intends to reveal, supportive tests, the impact that a price can have on our perception of product quality. The advertising revolves around two television commercials, three digital films, a press campaign as well as a deployment in social media, display, radio and catalog. Advertisements that fit with Aldi's new image.

New identity

Since the beginning of the year, the German discounter brand renewed its brand image. To do this, it communicates with a new advertising signature, “Place au nouveau consumer”. An evolution like that of its competitor German discounter Lidl, which took place five years earlier.

See here for the commercial:

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