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France: Aldi, The other Grocery Model

Discount Retail Chain Aldi France is going big. Aldi is the revelation of the year in France with titanic media efforts, first TV ads and new postures.

In 2019, Aldi France raised its advertising spendings in France by 5,166% over one year, to € 70.9 mn (US$ 82.5mn) according to Kantar Media. A trend amplifies in 2020 with € 114 mn (US$ 132.6mn) already invested over the past nine months, including € 55mn (US$ 64mn) in radio and € 40mn (US$ 46.5mn) in television. Not only has Aldi become a more important advertiser than BNP Paribas, Lancôme or even Accor in 2019, but it is now also present on the most powerful advertising medium. Accompanied by Ogilvy & Co, the German hard-discounter came there to proclaim in a one-minute clip its ode to the “new consumer” target group. We see a bunch of millennials playing with a cart. Then abandon it. "The hypermarkets, the supermarkets, it's good, isn't it? But isn't it all a bit too big?" Another retail model is possible and available, suggests Aldi's promofilm voiceover.“ Just have to listen more to the next generation."

That is why Stratégies (the French Grand Price for Advertiser Strategies) has decided to honor hard-discounter Aldi France for its breakthrough in the media and to award him the prize for announcer of the year at the Stratégies Festival.

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