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Germany: Aldi Nord buys its private label mineralwater supplier 'Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen'

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Nord (German family owned) wants to buy its own and Aldi Süd's main mineralwater supplier 'Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen'. It is a bang for the Altmühlstadt: One of the largest employers in the city, the mineral water producer Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen, is bought by the Aldi Nord group of companies. Aldi Nord announced this in a press release. Specifically, this involves the two production sites in Treuchtlingen and Breuna. The corresponding contract was signed in the late evening of November 8, according to Aldi's announcement.

We're talking about expansion

As the new owner, Aldi Nord would like to continue investing in the modern locations and expand the production and bottling of mineral water and other beverages. “The Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen Group has been one of our most important suppliers of mineral water and soft drinks for many years. Accordingly, the offer of the family-run company convinced us in an overall tight market," says Jürgen Schwall, Chief Purchasing Officer of the Aldi Nord group.

With the takeover, the discount chain also wants to strengthen its role as a reliable basic supplier. "The acquisition of the companies with production sites in Treuchtlingen and Breuna gives us the opportunity to maintain production capacities for one of the most important food items in Germany in the long term. This means we can continue to offer our customers high-quality mineral water at the best possible prices in the future,” says Schwall. Aldi already produces its own coffee and tea and now also gets its own water production facilities. This is in line with the developments at its main competitor Lidl which setup the Schwarz Produktion division with the own production of its private label bread, soft-drinks, coffee, nuts, ice-cream, pasta's and chocolate.

"Jobs are secured"

Aldi Nord is also making initial statements about the future of the 400 employees who work in Treuchtlingen and Breuna. "With the continuation of business at the two locations in Treuchtlingen and Breuna, the jobs of the employees in administration and production will also be secured," it says.

The completion of the purchase of Altmühltaler is still subject to the usual approval by the Federal Cartel Office and should take place at the beginning of next year. Nothing is known about the purchase price, confidentiality was agreed.

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