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Germany: Discounter Private label product test winner: dishwasher tabs

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Dishwasher tabs are small all-rounders that clean, rinse and dry your dishes and soften the water in the process. The tabs are also extremely easy to use: open the dispenser, insert the dishwasher tab, close it, rinse away. In the dishwasher tab test, the German independent consumer test institute 'Stiftung Warentest' tested 29 different brands and found that organic is not always better. The supposedly sustainable dishwasher tabs can even destroy the dishes. At the very top of the podium, however, are the inexpensive own private label brands from Kaufland, dm and Aldi Süd. Stiftung Warentest published the test for dishwasher tabs in October 2020. We last checked the test results in August 2021. (See her more on DRC's own private label development service)

Whether high-quality porcelain or inexpensive crockery from IKEA: Plates and Co. should be cleaned in the dishwasher and not discolored. In its test of dishwasher tabs, the Stiftung Warentest unfortunately found that three agents were more likely to damage the dishes than to clean them. In return, the inexpensive own brands from Kaufland, Rossmann and Lidl convinced for around 3 euros (US$3.60).

First, we will first introduce you to the test winner tabs and then the other test field in more detail. Then we explain the test procedure of Stiftung Warentest and clarify which type of detergent is right for you.


  • Kaufland K-Klassic Dishwasher Tabs All in 1, Good (2.1), 2.87 euros

  • Aldi Süd Alio Dishwasher Tabs complete, Good (2.2), 2.85 euros

  • Lidl W5 Dishwasher Tabs Multi-Power All in 1, Good (2.1), 2.86 euros

Private label brand of Kaufland, Aldi Süd and dm: These are the best dishwasher tablets

All dishwasher tabs rated "good" belong to the own brands of German supermarket chains. The best rated tabs come from Kaufland ("good", 2.1), closely followed by the Aldi Süd product Alio ("good", 2.2). Third place with the rating "good" (2.5) is shared by the dishwasher tabs from dm, Edeka, Netto and Norma.

  • Kaufland K-Classic Dishwasher Tabs All in 1: "good" (2.1) The Multitabs from Kaufland achieved good ratings almost without exception in the test. They remove all kinds of dirt well or very well, and even stubborn tar edges disappear after washing. They also mostly protect the material, only printed decorations fade over time. The Kaufland tabs only weaken when it comes to environmental properties: There they only achieved the rating "satisfactory".

  • Lidl W5 Multi-Power All-in-1 dishwasher tabs Like the Kaufland tabs, the W5 Multi-Power All-in-1 dishwasher tabs also achieve the grade "good" (2.1). When it comes to cleaning, the product even scores slightly better than the competition from Kaufland, but they leave feathers when it comes to material protection and environmental properties. Here the tabs only achieve the rating "satisfactory".

  • Rossmann Domol Gschirr-Reiniger-Tabs Ultra Power All-in-one Like Kaufland and Lidl, the Rossmann brand also shines with the grade "good" (2.1). Almost all of these tabs achieved the grade "good" in the test, only the environmental properties left a lot to be desired.

The best dishwasher tabs: other multitabs in the test. The following multitabs are also "good":

  • Aldi Süd Alio Dishwasher Tabs Complete: Grade "good" (2.2)

  • Aldi Süd Alio crockery cleaner tabs All-in-one: grade "good" (2.2)

  • Aldi Nord Alio crockery cleaner tabs all-in-one: grade "good" (2.2)

  • dm Denkmit Dishwasher Multi-Power Revolution: Grade "good" (2.2)

  • Penny Blik All in 1 Dishwasher Tabs: Grade "good" (2.2)

  • Rewe Ja All in 1 Dishwasher Tabs: Grade "good" (2.2)

  • Claro Multi Dishwasher Tabs All in 1: Grade "good" (2.5) ( view on Amazon )

  • dm Denkmit Dishwasher Multi-Power 12: grade "good" (2.5)

  • Edeka Good & Favorable All-in-1 Power Active Dishwasher Tabs: Grade "good" (2.5)

  • Netto Priva All-in-1 Power Complete Dishwasher Tabs: Grade "good" (2.5)

  • Norma Saubermax Mega 12 dishes cleaner tabs: grade "good" (2.5)

  • Somat Gold 12 Multi-Active: Grade "good" (2.5)

The own brands of the drugstore and supermarket chains all show good values ​​for cleaning and rinsing dishes and cutlery, as well as for the user-friendliness of the packaging. Only Norma's dishwashing detergent failed to take care of the material and only achieved the grade "sufficient".

The dishwasher tabs from Ecover, Frosch and Rossmann failed completely. These discolored the dishes and therefore only received the grade "poor" (5.0) in the material protection category.

This is how Stiftung Warentest tests

Over a period of five months, Stiftung Warentest carried out over 10,000 wash cycles with various types of crockery and cutlery. This should simulate long-term use of different dishwashing detergents. Here, checked the tester how well the Multitabs the dishes clean , rinse , prevent lime deposits , dry and conserve material . In addition, the laboratories examined how environmentally friendly the tabs are and how user-friendly the packaging is.

Dishwasher tabs or normal detergent? How should I clean my dishes

Depending on how hard or soft your tap water is, you should also adjust your detergent. For example, if you live in a place that is supplied by particularly soft water, you do not need a chemical club to put an end to leftover food. Dishwasher tabs channel many chemical substances - such as salts to soften the water - into the wastewater, which are not necessary with lime-free water. Inquire at your waterworks about the water hardness, set your dishwasher accordingly and use the appropriate means. There are powders and solotabs for every water hardness. In this case, however, you also have to rinse with rinse aid and rain salt.


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