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Germany: Lidl's own Private Label brands score top results at Ökotest

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Discount Retail Chain Lidl impressed with its own private label brand products. Five articles received the marks 'very good' and 'good'. The sensitive baby wet wipes from 'Lupilu' score top marks. With the ingredients that are ideal for baby skin and the overall result, the German Ökotest magazine awards a 'very good' for the Lidl product. The 'Saskia Still 1.5 liter' water from the Leissling and Löningen sources (owned and produced by the Lidl owner, the Schwarz group) also impress with their ingredients, purity and packaging made from 100 percent recycled material. The mineral water scores overall with the grade 'good'. The Ökotest testers praise the crispy breading and the delicate fish as well as the spicy taste of the 'Ocean Sea' fish fingers 15 pieces. Both in sustainable fishing and in the overall grade, the article receives the grade 'good'. The 'Cien' Shower Gel Fresh Lime is also rated 'good' and costs just 46 cents per 250 milliliters. This core competence convinces Lidl in all studies: All Lidl own private label brand products are among the cheapest items in the respective tests.

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