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Germany: Lidl's Private Label brand products scored 'good' at Oekotest

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Germany's Private Label brand called 'Floralys' recycling toilet paper rated as 'good' as it is sustainable and inexpensive. This is published in the August issue of the German independent ecology test magazine: 'Oekotest'. 'Floralys' is also one of the cheapest recycled toilet paper on the German market. It convinces with its ingredients and consists of 100% waste paper, which saves wood, water and energy. This Lidl product also demonstrates its good quality in practical tests and stands out with its tear resistance.

Lidl's Private Label 'Freshona' organic applesauce also rated 'good' in the same 'Oekotest' issue. The apple sauce convinces the testers with a strong fresh apple note and its ingredients.

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