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Germany: Netto and Trigo open smart supermarket featuring real-time receipts

Brand Discount Retail Chain Netto, owned by German EDEKA, and retail tech provider Trigo relies on strong partnerships with visionary retailers. When partnerships are built it can break one tech barrier after another and redefine what’s possible in retail innovation. 

After collaborating to bring together Trigo’s checkout-free solution and Netto’s discount shopping experience at the first joint Netto store in Munich, sight is set on a new ambitious targets.

The latest store and second Trigo and Netto store, is a tech marvel. At 800 sqm it is the largest frictionless store in Europe and the world’s largest retrofitted grocery supermarket, with some 5,000 SKUs. But the real innovation is our real-time receipt experience. Shoppers at the new Netto store will be able to view and approve their baskets and pay (using card or mobile payment) before they leave the store. Trigo predict this feature will accelerate consumer adoption of frictionless checkout by inspiring confidence and trust in the technology.

What’s more, by achieving real-time receipt capability, Trigo’s EasyOut solution now directly addresses the most stringent retail regulations, opening up new markets in those areas where it is a legal requirement to provide a receipt in real-time while the shopper is in the store. Netto Regensburg is a true first, but moving forward Trigo will enable real-time receipts in all Trigo-powered stores. The store automation 2.0 revolution is underway.

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