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Germany: NETTO Marken-discount has most stores of all discounters

Discount Retail Chain Netto-Markendiscount (owned by German market leader EDEKA) has almost 5,000 stores in Germany. The discounter took over a large part of these stores from Plus (Tengelmann) in 2007. Other discount stores from various Edeka regional companies, such as Treff 3000, could also be integrated into the new Netto brand discounter concept. The resulting problem is that the entire stores from the most diverse origins / previous owners and the most diverse opening years form an extremely heterogeneous store network form. In addition, the makers at Netto have also significantly further developed the current trading concept. The markets should be bigger, fresher, brighter, more beautiful, clearer, cleaner and better. The company definitely still has plenty of potential in the benchmark with Aldi and Lidl, especially when it comes to space productivity. However, the large number of stores and the structure of the many old markets are a major challenge. But Netto is tackling it!

Yesterday it was still old - today it was fine again

As part of one of our store check trips, we were in the province of Bad Rappenau a few days ago. There we noticed the many discounters Aldi, Lidl and Netto, which are very close to each other. The three stores all had the latest concept and were therefore only recently rebuilt. The Netto reopened in the week we were visiting and can now keep up with the two competitors again. Of course, we took a look at it for you and wanted to know what the Netto team had done for the customers.

Close your eyes and come in ...

With just a few days of closure, the Netto team was able to modernize the entire store. Furthermore, most of the interior furnishings were replaced. The entire cooling system has also been adapted to the new cooling volume structure. The fruit and vegetable department has been given a completely new equipment and now looks like a full-range supermarket. The bakery appears in a new shine! After the renovation, the large drinks department resembles an efficient, well-stocked drinks store. The entire market was mirrored and freshly stocked, so that almost the entire range was in stock when we visited.

Fresh on the outside too!

The exterior of the entire property was treated with new advertising logos and a completely new coat of paint. The finale of the renovation days was a complete thorough cleaning of the entire market area. After the brisk renovation period, the store went online again with its modern trading concept.

Netto reopened the market with a high discount of 10% on the total basket, also for promotional product items. It is to be hoped that in the future many customers will find the market at such a good level of performance.

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