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Germany: Netto relies on One Stop proximity Discount

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Discount Retail Chain Netto Marken Discount (owned by EDEKA and largest number of stores, 4200+, discounter in Germany) promotes itself as the discount store where customers get everything within one purchase visit. This includes the largest selection of organic food or the largest range of beverages in more environmentally friendly reusable packaging. The up to 5,000 SKUs and a good price-performance ratio is the focus of the Netto campaign “One for all. Everything for cheap."

Reducing contacts to a minimum has been part of everyday life for many people for months. This also includes being able to get as many everyday items as possible with just one purchase. With up to 5,000 SKUs at discount prices, consisting of branded and private label own brand SKUs (see here for more on Private Label Brand development), Netto Marken-Discount enables its 21 million customers a week to do just that.

"With our annual campaign we show that Netto is the place where our customers get everything: freshness, variety, quality, sustainability and regionality and that at top prices," says Christina Stylianou, Head of Corporate Communications at Netto Marken-Discount .

The “one-stop discount” claim is communicated by the Netto campaign on all channels, including TV, digital, out-of-home and at the POS. After the campaign has started, the focus is on individual product areas from the range on a monthly basis. In short TV spots, online or in the flyer, Netto demonstrates its high product range every month.

All the facts about the “one-stop discount” concept and a 35-second TV spot to mark the start of the Netto annual campaign can be viewed online at

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