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Germany: Stores look empty! Edeka, Rewe, Aldi and Lidl throw A-brands from shelves

Discount Retail Chains ALDI and Lidl in Germany apparently want a price guarantee from the brand manufacturers. The prices should not increase over the next few months. But also Rewe, Penny, Netto Marken-Discount and Edeka are looking for stable prices. You also do not want to make any massive adjustments.

But that is exactly what the manufacturers want. Edeka is currently negotiating with Coca-Cola. As German magazine FOCUS learned online, it is about doses and bottles of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and their pricing. Because EDEKA does not respond to the ideas according to the previous status, Coca-Cola threatens with a delivery freezer. Edeka stores should no longer be able to order and sell the group's drinks.

Estimates from the industry emphasize that this is a leverage. The Coca-Cola Group is dependent on Edeka's sales areas in order to be able to keep sales for the current years constant.

For this reason, the previous threat of the delivery stop according to the previous stand does not concern EDEKA's Discounter-Sister Netto Marken-Discount nor the EDEKA partner markets from Marktkauf.

Cat food and chocolate from Mars are missing from the shelf

There are currently public quarrels not only with Coca-Cola. The US company Mars has delisted several products from REWE and EDEKA. The background is price adjustments that both reject supermarket giants. In addition to the rice brand Ben's, the animal feed brands from Whiskas, Sheba and Frolic are affected. In addition, the chocolate bar from Twix, Mars, Celebrations, Milky Way and Bounty are missing on the shelf. The US group Mars supplies German supermarkets with around 300 items. Insiders explain that not all products are affected by the delistings. After exclusive information from FOCUS Online, REWE is currently arguing with a well-known pasta brand. Corresponding products are in rows in the shelves. Primarily, it was apparently about prices and quantities.

Aldi and Lidl throw Danone, Nestlé and Henkel out

But the large discounter market leaders Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord and Lidl are currently under discussions with manufacturers. However, products have already flown here from the shelves. As Aldi employees report, products from "Fruchtzwerge" and "Activia" are currently missing in the stores. Both yogurt brands belong to the Danone group and have not been available for several weeks.

At Lidl, products from "Müllermilch", "Henkel" and "Beiersdorf" are missing on the shelf. According to information from FOCUS Online, this is about the deodorant of NIVEA, detergent from Pril and other drugstore articles by Bref and Somat.

The “Food Newspaper” also confirms the relevant information in its current issue. Apparently the discounters thin out their brand business. The primary point of view is that customers are increasingly using the cheaper Lidl and Aldi brands. The sales of the branded products are back.

This is also why the focus is on business with own private label brands. In the pre-weeks, Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Lidl and Netto Marken-Discount had massively advertised their own and cheaper house brands on television, radio, newspapers and online media.

Expensive autumn: Prices are currently in focus at Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and Edeka

The prices for the coming six months will be discussed in the current condition negotiations. But it is also about new products, presentation, special offers and delivery times. In view of the current expensive phase, the price plays an important role.

"Supermarkets and discounters are preparing for the violent condition negotiations in autumn behind the scenes," an insider warned in an interview with FOCUS online at the beginning of June. Retailers reject violent price increases in the double-digit percentage range. Adjustments are apparently planned for chocolates, jams, juices, ready meals, chips and coffee. Brands such as Milka, Nutella, Zentis and children's chocolate are affected.

What do I have to consider when shopping in the supermarket?

For consumers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy in the current expensive phase.

Although Rewe, Kaufland, Edeka, Lidl or Aldi are trying to lure customers into the stores with offers, they have to calculate with higher prices.

In the past three weeks alone, six large supermarket chains raised the prices for almost 60 products.

Advises is take a closer look at the weekly brochures of the supermarkets for offers, use apps, vouchers and no-name private label brands to get the greatest savings potential out.

Brochures are often posted by post between Thursday and Saturday. In some regions, the magazines can be found in the city or weekly newspaper of their place. Make sure that all “please no advertising


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