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Germany: the billion-dollar shoe empire Deichmann

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Discount Shoe Retail Chain Deichmann: How a cobbler's workshop for miners became the "Aldi of the shoe industry"

In almost every German household there should be at least one pair of shoes bought from Deichmann. The family business has grown from a small cobbler workshop for miners to Europe's largest shoe retailer in its more than 100-year history.

Because the company, like Discount Retail Chain Aldi, comes from Essen (Germany) and is also famous for its low prices, Deichmann is often compared to the discounter. This never bothered the founder of the shoe empire. The Deichmann family revolutionized the shoe trade, became billionaires and what they think about their wealth.

The Deichmann company, founded in 1913 and still headquartered in Essen, is the sole property of the founding family. Deichmann now has around 43,000 employees worldwide and operates more than 4,000 branches and 40 online shops in 31 countries directly or through franchise partners. Last year, sales rose to 6.5 billion euros. 183 million pairs of shoes were sold.

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