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China: Hard Discount Chain Biyide – the “Aldi-Rival”

Updated: Sep 3

Discount Retail Chain Biyide (owned by a Chinese/German PE fund) was invented in Germany. The hard discounter is on the road to success in China. The young company advertises with the highest quality and lowest prices. Dieter Brandes dealt with the subject of hard discounters as early as 1970. For a while he worked closely with the brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht. He observed the development of Aldi very closely. The global expansion impressed him. Aldi now operates more than 10,000 branches worldwide. Everywhere there are everyday products at great prices. And after this concept worked so well, Brandes decided to bring its own hard discounter to China in 2015. In October 2016 the time had come and the first Biyide market opened its doors in Shanghai. And the Chinese are enthusiastic about the offer.

Local products and imported items

Customers flock to the markets. Because at Biyide you get local products. The range is large and fulfills every wish. From basic groceries to personal care and household items to drinks and snacks, the customer can buy anything. The items are from the region and popular with the Chinese. But Biyide also attracts with imported articles. Ritter Sport Schokolade, Ferrero Rocher and Ricola can be found in the range, among others. And on the drinks shelf, Brunonia Premium Lager Bier is next to German and French wine. Popular articles not only among the Chinese. Because expats from all over the world are also happy about one or the other local product.

Biyide wants to expand further

So it's no wonder that the Asian discounter wants to expand further. In just three and a half years, the young company has grown to over 100 branches. Almost 100 of these are in the metropolis of Shanghai alone. The rest are located in Jiangsu Province north of Shanghai. And the success story is not over yet. Biyide is looking for new properties on its website. They advertise with punctual rent payment, trustworthy and long-term partnerships and high-quality construction. They are interested in a net area of ​​around 180 to 280 square meters. They prefer land close to their home. They can keep their low prices thanks to the simple set-up of the branches. But who cares. If the store is clean and well organized and offers the lowest prices, the customer does not need a feel-good oasis when shopping for groceries.

Click here for more: https://www.shine.cn/biz/company/2003103870/


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