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Hungary: Aldi collects used cooking oil

Discount retail Chain Aldi Hungary (part of by privately owned Aldi Süd) collects used cooking oil in some of their stores. Thanks to the biofilter Zrt. According to the agreement, a test system will be put into operation outside of 11 Aldi stores in Hungary. Excepted is that there is a profitable business case for Aldi behind this recycling model.

Today around 25,000 tons of used edible oil are produced in Hungarian households, of which only about 2%, about 500 tons, is collected. Used deep-frying oil represents a considerable burden on the environment, as it inhibits its air permeability when it enters the ground and, when disposed of in municipal waste, it mixes with household waste as a difficult-to-decompose material. The situation is no better, even if it gets into the sewer, as on the one hand it increases the load on sewage treatment plants and on the other hand it inhibits the auto-oxidation processes of natural waters. A single drop of used cooking oil can contaminate up to 1,000 gallons of living water. Used cooking oil is valuable because the purified waste oil produced after sedimentation and decanting is practically 100% recyclable.

Biofilter Zrt. transfers the refined vegetable oil into biodiesel production. According to the current regulations, 8.2% of the biodiesel in Hungary is mixed with diesel, so that the cooking oil collected can be reused for cars or to players in the logistics sector for transport use.

Collecting and delivering used cooking oil is easy, as it is sufficient to pour the cooled cooking oil into a plastic bottle and then toss it into the containers in the stores. Biofilter Zrt. takes care of transportation and recycling. After a successful test the further role out at Aldi will be planned.

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