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Hungary: Discounters are customers' favourite

Discount Retail Chains Lidl and Penny Market are both in the top 3 favorite stores of Hungarian customers (Lidl first and Penny third), according to a recent poll conducted by Pulzus Kutató.

When asked which retail chain store they spend the most recently on, 20% of respondents said Lidl stores, 19% Spar, 14%Penny Market, and 13% Tesco.

Trade Magazine recently ranked store chains year by year according to their gross turnover in 2019, shows a somewhat different order. Tesco is still in the lead, with a store chain's gross turnover of $2.4 billion last year (-3%).

In the ranking published a year ago, with the result of 2018, Lidl was fourth, with a turnover of $2.2 billion. And Spar held third place with 680 billion.

According to the Pulse study for, Lidl is the winner at women, 22 percent favorates Lidl. Among 40-59 year olds, Lidl leads: 19 percent of this group have bought there recently.

The results of the chain stores were mainly influenced by education. Those with a primary and secondary education mostly go to Lidl stores. The discount chain achieved an outstanding result of 28 percent with a secondary education.

Territorial differences are also clearly visible from the survey. Among the residents in the capital Budapest, Lidl reached 25 percent, Aldi also reached above 10 percent. Lidl performed also strong among the people living in the countryside.

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