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Italy: ALDI touches 160 stores

Discount Retail Chain ALDI Italy (Germany family owned) consolidates its presence in Northern Italy with the inauguration of two new stores in San Stino di Livenza (VE) and Rimini.

With a total of 66 stores in the two regions, ALDI continues its development plan in Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. The new stores offer a compact and complete assortment and are organized in an effective and intuitive way to offer an increasingly "smart" shopping experience designed to meet the needs of consumers and allow customers to shop quickly.

The new store in Rimini, the second in the city of Romagna, was inaugurated in Via Circonvallazione Nuova 69. The shop offers its customers 70 free parking spaces.

The store in San Stino di Livenza (VE), located in the passage area of the ancient "Via Annia", is located in Via Vanoni 1. Guests have access to 116 free parking spaces.

The inauguration of the new stores consolidates the expansion plan in Northern Italy, reaching the important milestone of 160 stores inaugurated since 2018, the year ALDI entered the Italian market.


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