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Sweden: Lidl in on ten-in-top over the strongest brands in the trade

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Sweden (owned by the German Schwarz Group) gets into the ten-in-top list, fire index, over Sweden's strongest brands over trade. It is the research company Yougov who examined which retail chains that Swedish consumers appreciate the most.

Yougov BrandIndex measures daily consumer perception of thousands of brands around the world. The list is based an index based on how consumers perceive, including quality, value, satisfaction and reputation over the past twelve months.

The top 10 strongest brand position in trade is a proof of our successful journey, where we work on developing our range, our stores and our communication. It is confirmed every day in our stores when more and more consumers are regularly dealing with us. As marked clearly in recent years increasing sales where we increase faster than the other industry. Our ambition is to become the obvious choice for more customers, says Bella Goldman, brand, CSR and communications director.

Lidl Sweden currently has over 200 stores around the country and is growing faster than the other industry. Last fiscal year 2020/21 grew LIDL by 12.8 percent when other retail trading grew by 4.1 percent.

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